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Twin Scan 2/4 Complete Kit, Daytona Twin Tec

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Twin Scan 2/4 Complete Kit

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Brand: Daytona Twin Tec
Article number:  745499

The Twin Scan scan tool is a low-cost tool that uses the USB port on your laptop or PC for display and comes complete with Windows software.

Features are:
•Reads and clears diagnostic trouble codes from ECU (engine control unit), TSSM (turn signal/security module), speedometer, and tacho.
•Allows bleeding of ABS brake systems.
•Real time display of engine data on instrument panel type display.
•Built-in data logging. Stores up to 45 minutes of data. Automatically triggers when a trouble code is set. Shows data before and after code is set.
•Includes two analog inputs for air/fuel ratio (AFR), great for tuning of your Daytona Twin Tec Twin Tuner Fuel Injection controller.
•Compact size.
•The TwinScan II is for models with a J-1850 data bus such as 2002-2017 V-Rod, 2001-2010 Fuel Injected Softail. 2003-2006 carburated Softail, 2003-2013 Sportster, 2001-2011 Fuel Injected Dyna, 2003-2006 carburated Dyna, 2002-2013 Touring & Trike.
•The TwinScan IV is for models with a CAN-Bus system such as 2011 to present Softail, 2014 to present Sportster, 2014 to present Touring & Trike and 2012-2017 Dyna and includes key FOB and security programming, speedo calibration and engine / body control settings adjusting.

This product can be find in categorie Diagnostic, Tuning & Fuel Injection Tools

Complete kit with TwinScan II & IV, WEGO IIID Interface, two wide-band oxygen sensors, two 18 x 1.5 mm weld nuts, two 18×1.5mm socket plugs, USB cable and probe kit


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Daytona Twin Tec

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