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Taco Motos Amsterdam Harley Davidson Service
Taco Motos Amsterdam Harley Davidson Service

MSD PRO CRIMPTOOL, MSD Weathertight dies

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MSD Weathertight dies, MSD Ignition

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MSD Weathertight dies

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Brand: MSD Ignition
Article number:  711827

The right tool for the right job, a catchphrase that is amongst the fundamentals of motorcycle engineering. Hardened for professional use, the tool has to be used when fitting super conductor or any other spark plug wires. Comes equipped with a set of jaws to install or remove plug wires and boots. Replacement jaws as well as jaws for various other purposes are also available.

This product can be find in categorie Electrical System Tools

Optional Weather tight jaws


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Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 20 cm


MSD Ignition

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