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Taco Motos Amsterdam Harley Davidson Service
Taco Motos Amsterdam Harley Davidson Service

DIAG-4-TUNE/DIAG-4-BIKE SMART POWER BENCH, Diag4Bike 21.5″ Desktop Trolley for SPB

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Diag4Bike 21.5″ Desktop Trolley for SPB, Diag4Bike

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Diag4Bike 21.5″ Desktop Trolley for SPB

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Brand: Diag4Bike
Article number:  735434

The Smart Power Bench is the ideal extension for dealers that want to use the diagnostic and/or tuning capabilities of Diag-4-Bike to their full extend, including simulation of a road test. The smart design with a heavy weight and large diameter roller and built-in cooling fan simulates engine load equivalent to a road test, provides data for both power and torque curves, facilitates measurements of Volumetric Efficiency maps for engine tuning and give the opportunity to carry out engine diagnostics whilst under load. The Smart Power Bench does not feature an eddy current or other type of brake. Instead, it uses a drum-driven fan system, giving more resistance when the rear wheel speed goes up. This clever design makes it an affordable investment for any bike shop. Measuring only 2.5 meter long, 48cm high and 1 meter wide it does not require much space in your workshop either. The Smart Power Bench is delivered and installed in your workshop by specialists from Atal CZ, the company that also develops and produces the Diag-4-Bike hard- and software. These people will also demonstrate and instruct your staff how to use it. Power bench and accessories are drop shipped at cost to your address.

Technical details:
● Weight: 550Kg
● Roller diameter: 450mm
● Total momentum of inertia: 12 Kg/m2
● Fan power dissipation: up to 50kW at 250KM/H
● Maximum roller velocity: 250KM/H
● PC Interface: RS 232 or USB

● Folding aluminum ramp
● Cooling ducts with stands
● Intake air temperature sensor
● Contactless infrared engine thermometer
● Speed measuring sensor
● Footrest to tie-down adapter
● One pair of tie-down straps
● Wireless remote controller
● Diag4Power software

This product can be find in categorie Diagnostic, Tuning & Fuel Injection Tools

Accessories, Trolley with 21 1/2″ Touchscreen, PC with Windows, keyboard, mouse and inkjet printer


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Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 20 cm




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